These sculptures result from Davy’s movement into the realm of mass and volume. The work is heavy and earthy and has lower centers of gravity that are more relative to the world of flesh than the world of skin. While these forms retain biomorphic tendencies, their dramatic scale can sometimes project an almost menacing presence; they can also seem like brutish giants poised mid-motion, alien trees heavy with strange fruits and bowed heads. Granite is perhaps the most convincing achievement to date of the marriage of spirit and intellect, mind and body that Davy has been formulating all these years. These sculptures keep the promise of the unexpected in the early works, but they return more existentiality to the stones by resisting resolution in favor of a dynamic, androgynous sensuality. Granite is rough trade, agitated and very much in progress.

- Shana Nys Dambrot
from catalog essay “Evidence of Formation,” 2004

© Woods Davy, 2010