Cantamar Series

“The Cantamar sculptures are made of stones gathered by Davy out of the Pacific Ocean in Mexico, near the small town for which the series is named, which translates as “song of the sea.” Rounded by the tides, they appear to roll like the waves that shaped them, unfolding organically at each moment. These works defy gravity, jostling our expectations and subverting our perception of their weight and natural presence in the world. The undeniably serene, contemplative chord struck by these works makes it difficult to refrain from discussing them in spiritual terms. Yet while decidedly non-academic words like wonderment and magic serve to address the intuitive, visceral responses the work evokes in viewers, they also undervalue the artist’s empathy with the stones as he convinces these natural objects to behave unnaturally.”

- Shana Nys Dambrot
from catalog essay “Evidence of Formation,” 2004

© Woods Davy, 2012